LEANDRE LEROUGE is a creative house founded in 2018 by the French designer Leandre who expresses his artistic vision through a wide range of sophisticated products. Ready-to-wear, art, perfume, decorative items or glasses introduce the world of the brand. An elegant and colorful atmosphere designed for a common cloakroom.

LEANDRE LEROUGE combines the courtesy and arrogance that characterize Paris and Los Angeles. Values ​​embodied by the brand and transmitted through its leitmotif “SOPHISTICAL DESIGN TESTED WITH ARROGANCE AND COURTESY”.

The brand's universe was born from the meeting of the atmospheres of these two cities, for a symbol of French elegance and for the other symbol of American impertinence. The French brand lets its creative spirit speak from a showroom where the identity of LEANDRE LEROUGE is affirmed through interior decoration inspired by the chic mansions of the capital and by the Venice Beach district of the City of Angels. This place is representative of the aesthetics of the label where the paintings for the COSTUME SPATIAL exhibition, the LA SENTEUR perfume and the pieces from the ready-to-wear collection were imagined.

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