Leandre Lerouge, a young brand from Bordeaux building its identity on ready-to-wear creations, decorative objects and works of art, has decided to delve into the olfactory universe with its first composition: La Senteur, with its scents of wood and spices.

It opens with a medicinal blend of pepper and cloves. This could well have been a potpourri, but no, its cedar architecture makes it a space rather than an emanation, even if it does not shy away from a few gourmet suggestions.

La Senteur therefore treats itself to a little detour through citrus peels; after all, it’s not made of wood, even if it is rooted in vetiver and patchouli. It’s very tempting to use it on scarves and coats as well as on the sofa, this fragrance heated by a spicy wood which saves us from April showers.