Close your eyes, feel the Californian sun and vibrate on the creative energy that emerges. This colorful, urban and graphic atmosphere is imagined by Leandre Lerouge. This art lover aspires to share his unique universe through an inspired and inspiring common wardrobe.

Leandre, a passionate autodidact

Culture, music, art in all its forms has always fascinated Leandre. This great dreamer has always known that this artistic path will be his. It was while traveling to Los Angeles, specifically Venice Beach, that her heart capsized. This place where everything is big, where everything is possible, where dreams are not illusory, was a revelation for him: on his return to France, he in turn will create.

Originally from Bordeaux, Leandre founded his brand Leandre Lerouge in 2018 with the desire to offer an eclectic and explosive universe of creativity. For three years, the designer takes the time to build his DNA and gives birth to his "Space Suit", a genderless character that fits into animated paintings in augmented reality. Exhibited at the Cox Gallery in Bordeaux, the works seduce the public and set the tone for the inspiration of Leandre Lerouge: a dreamlike, colorful and sophisticated world.

Solar and positive collections

After making an impression with his “Space Suit”, Leandre Lerouge pursues his creative quest by imagining a sassy and colorful fashion collection. Through clothing, the Bordeaux house transmits a vibrant message of positivity, sun and color. The sun is the common thread running through each room in the house. To wear a Leandre Lerouge piece is to put away your shyness in order to blossom in the eyes of the world.

Fashion, music, design or art, Leandre Lerouge's pieces do not fit into any box. Fashion is an opportunity here to share dreamlike stories, those which mark the mind and which transpose us into a waking dream. The designer's graphic paw is inspired by the world in all its entirety, a place of all extravagance, of all energies, this place of life that brings us together, where color is queen and the sun is king.

Diversity has no age

Leandre Lerouge works for non-gendered, apolitical and ageless fashion. The woman influences the creation of each piece. She is the one who instills elegance, the positive force of a garment, a perfume, a jewel or a painting. Lover of women, but not without forgetting men, Leandre Lerouge views fashion as a neutral field and suitable for all genders and all ages. Offering a real unisex, without any notion of gender, Leandre Lerouge aims for this sweet ambition.

More than a textile brand, better than a designer, Leandre Lerouge is part of a universe without measure. With an unlimited thirst for creativity, the Bordeaux house thrills with the different projects it can bring to life. The next to date, a place of life, where everyone could come together around the culinary, artistic and musical vision of Leandre Lerouge. Curious people, driven by art and fashion, and ready to open up to the colorful and unique world that Leandre has created.